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What is a 403(b)?

A 403(b) plan is an employer-sponsored retirement plan for certain employees of public schools, non-profits, and churches. It is very similar to a private sector employer’s 401(k) plan and can be an excellent way to save money for retirement.

Benefits You May Not Have Thought About


Paying yourself first will make future you very happy. The size of your savings is a better predictor of happiness than the size of your salary.


You don’t have to go it alone.  An advisor can provide coaching and confidence in the good times and in times of turbulence or uncertainty.


Nobody can predict the future but anyone can be financially prepared. A 403(b) can be a good move in helping save for your retirement

Financial freedom for more of what you want in retirement.

Your money grows strategically, thanks to the power of time and compounding.

It’s flexible. Start small, increase later if you like.

A reminder-free, automatic deduction from your paycheck.

Stress-free – no deduction in the summer or when you don’t get paid.

Tax benefits now and in the future when you could be in a lower tax bracket.

You pick how your money is invested or have a professional pick for you.

You can set up your 403(b) any way you want.

1. Starting is the first step.

No matter your age, your career stage or the amount of time you have left to save, the most important step is getting started.  Your contributions will be deducted automatically from your paycheck. You can increase, decrease or suspend your contribution at any time.  You may never even miss the money, out of sight out of mind.

2. Choose your investment mix or get help.

Unlike your pension, a 403(b) lets you control how your money is invested.  Choose your own investment mix or partner with an experienced advisor to develop and continually monitor your personalized game plan.

3. Your money grows tax-deferred over time as interest adds up and your investments potentially grow.

A 403(b) plan allows you to make contributions on a tax-advantaged basis. Your contributions come off the top of your salary before your employer withholds income taxes. Your funds will grow tax deferred in the plan. Plus, you don't pay taxes on investment earnings until you withdraw your money from the plan.

4. Aspire to retire - plan now for your future.

A 403(b) plan will help you face the unknown in retirement, give peace of mind that you are on track and able to enjoy the things that you aspire to achieve such as travel, hobbies and home improvements.  You withdraw from your 403(b) how you want to.


The Member Benefits Online System (MBOS) gives registered users Internet access 
to pension and health benefit account information and online applications

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