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Small Businesses

Education is key to an individual’s long term success of planning for retirement. When we meet with your employees about their retirement plan, we’ll walk them through every aspect of the process—from enrollment to distribution. Whatever their investment needs, we have a product or service that’s right for them.

When you select Turning Pointe Financial as one of your voluntary 403(b) providers, you have the ability to offer your employees a variety of investment platforms from one financial advisor. To eliminate the management of remitting contributions to different investment providers, we enlist the help of a common remitter. With this service, you can remit one lump sum, regardless of the number of investment platforms you choose through us. We’ll also work with your Third Party Administrator to help ensure all plans remain in compliance. If you are not currently with a TPA, we can connect you with one to assist you with your plan’s administration. 

We take the burden off you.

Qualified Retirement Plans and Other Employer Sponsored Programs

Turning Pointe Financial is able to offer you the retirement plan or payroll deducted program that you want for your employees. Our experience with public sector retirement plans has become the foundation for what we are able to provide. Whether you are a public employer, non-profit or private business, we’ll customize a program that takes the administrative and consulting burdens off you, and give employees the flexibility they need.

403(b) Plan Services

We offer choices—a broad array of investment products from leading providers. We’ll customize 403(b) programs to fit your employees’ unique needs.

We sit down with each employee to make sure they understand their retirement and investment options. And we’ll make sure your programs are always up-to-date with compliance requirements

457(b) Deferred Compensation

Employer-sponsored 457(b) plans provide deferred compensation and retirement benefits to employees of school districts and state and local governments. We also offer a 457 Top Hat plan in certain situations for other tax-exempt organizations.

401(k), SEP, SIMPLE

Whether you are an independent contractor, a small business or a corporation, we can help you determine the type plan that is the right fit for you. We also work with a network of TPA firms that if needed, can provide all the necessary testing and IRS filings to keep your plan in compliance.

Roth 403(b) & Roth 457(b)

Roth 403(b) & Roth 457(b) offers your employees a second way to take advantage of tax deferral for their retirement savings.

With a Roth, employees contribute after-tax dollars to a retirement plan. They still get the benefit of tax deferral on those contributions as well as qualified tax free distributions*.

Roth 403(b) and Roth 457(b) give your employees another option for building retirement savings today while providing them flexibility with taxation strategies at distribution.

Voluntary Insurance Plans

Great benefits help keep great employees happy. We offer an array of risk management products that help create security during uncertain times.

  • Short-term Disability
  • Permanent and Term Life Insurance
  • Accident Insurance

We’ll tailor a strategy for your employees’ unique needs, and help you keep valuable employees happy.

College Tuition

One of parents’ most common concerns: how to save for their kids’ college educations. We’ll help you implement a payroll deduction program that gives your employees peace of mind.

Executive Benefit Packages

We can assist you in examining the existing benefit packages for your executives and leaders, and help determine if they maximize retirement savings. We can also assist with establishing additional programs that can be made available only to your key employees.

Separation of Service & Severance Plans

We’ll customize a plan that works for you and your employees. We’ll help your employees minimize tax consequences, while giving you flexibility and control.

*Qualified distributions include: withdrawal of the original contributions, or withdrawals that are made from a Roth account that has been open 5 years and one of the following: attainment of age 59 ½, total and permanent disability or you are the beneficiary of the account.